Two brothers! In thrall to the classicism of the 60s!...

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Thomson : Blue Soup


Thomson : Blue Soup

Two brothers! In thrall to the classicism of the 60s! Spotted playing to four dogs playing cards in a sticky boozer! By Alan McGee! Can you tell what it is yet? Yep, that’s right. Heavy Stereo. Tempered by the harmonies of [a]Soulfly[/a]. Guitars jangle rockily as feet stomp and sideburns bob in an earnest, that’s-the-way-to-play-proper-music-that-is fashion.

‘Suicide’ does that thing where it’s about to stop halfway through the guitar solo, pauses for a second, then carries on until the booze-sodden ending. Which is either the height of excellence or the ultimate pub rock crime, depending on which table you’re slumped under. ‘Blue Soup’, meanwhile, tips its cap to [a]Teenage Fanclub[/a], which can only be a good thing. [a]Teenage Fanclub[/a] are ace. Can’t we have a new single by them?

Ian Watson