Ludacris : Rollout

...a solid, chart bothering brew...

Atlanta’s six-million selling DJ turned rapper [a]Ludacris[/a], AKA 24-year-old Chris Bridges, is the jacked up super-sleaze of hip-hop’s dirty south. Snappier than Snoop Dogg, jiggier than Will Smith, taller than Ja Rule – although the king of the duets is probably bigger wallet-wise. Not that ‘Luda’ cares much for duets – his legendary bedroom reputation points to someone more partial to [I]menage a trois[/I].

Unlike his past day-glo adventures, which saw him rutting in the White House (2000’s ‘What’s Your Fantasy’) and explaining how he’s got ho’s in different cities (last year’s ‘Area Codes’) ‘Rollout’ finds [a]Ludacris[/a] really pissed off, bemoaning the intrusion into his private life. So its not as much fun as usual but teamed with ‘Teflon’ [a][/a]’s ship-steadying beats it all makes for a solid, chart bothering brew.

Imran Ahmed