Minogue, Kylie : Love At First Sight

A bit of fluff...

There’s nothing more attractive than someone who’s at peace with themselves, and Kylie is clearly revelling in her renewed pop star status. Spinning around in gold hotpants, being carted around by musclebound dancers, fireworks and bright lights… Kylie is in her element and, allied to a bunch of superior songs, it all makes for a great spectacle.

But, you know, that’s all it is. A bit of fluff. Pure entertainment which, by definition, is always going to be slightly naff. Why, then, Britain’s obsession with trying to talk Kylie up as some sort of uber-cool icon? ‘Love At First Sight’ is fine fader-flipping French disco, but so was Modjo’s ‘Lady’. Two years ago. Kylie is a great pop star, but, like all pop stars, she doesn’t bear too much scrutiny.

Tony Naylor