Chad Kroeger : Hero

Nickelback frontman's solo effort a touch predictable...

WOAH THERE CK! EASY ON THE CHEESE! ‘Hero’ is a solo contribution to the excellent ‘Spiderman’ soundtrack from lumberjack-a-like Chad Kroeger, frontman of 15 gazillion selling Canadian grunge-lite rockers [a]Nickelback[/a]. Having stumbled across a hit record formula with the gargantuan ‘How You Remind Me’ (Commercial grunge + MOR sensibility = Nu-MOR hit) Kroeger now seems intent on ragging it to fuck.

Like Incubus and [a][/a], he’s wised up to the commercial rewards in pandering to America’s fried chicken-guzzling, truck-riding, sister-shagging demographic. Subsequently, ‘Hero’ follows exactly the same trajectory ‘How You Remind Me’, albeit at half the tempo. You know – growly verse, KROQ-friendly chorus after approximately 24.6 seconds, average-Joe Frontman wailing like a seal-cub mid-cull. Then again, what did we expect?

Imran Ahmed