...stunning pop sense, making commerce from the chaos...

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The Vines : Get Free


The Vines : Get Free

You know how unstable Australians [a]Vines[/a] are the best thing since amplification? And how their last two singles were almost unbearably excellent? God, look, we know, this is getting very hard to believe, even with the subliminal pro-[a]Vines[/a] drugs we’ve been adding to the printing ink, but [I]this one is even better[/I].

Anger, an old man once observed, is an energy, and ‘Get Free’ is pure bitter adrenaline. The taut guitar line could easily double as a garotte, such is Craig Nicholl’s bile-raw fury. There’s the hell-for-leather Stooges garage urgency. There’s the [a]Vines[/a]’ stunning pop sense, making commerce from the chaos. And finally there’s Nicholl’s sour self-pity mixing with his spleen: “[I]She never loved me/Why should anyone?[/I]” Look no further for a reason.

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