Basement Jaxx : Get Me Off

Ooh, that sexy pant music just keeps on coming...

Ooh, that sexy pant music just keeps on coming. Smart activity at XL, where someone has noticed last year’s excellent ‘Rooty’ album prematurely featured some of the hot-under-the-collar electro that’s currently so fashionable.

It’s hard to imagine Basement Jaxx

in the peacock-plumed Stormtrooper helmets and bejewelled sporrans now de rigueur for aspiring dance blokes, but nevertheless, ‘Get Me Off’ resembles Prince doing the dirty with a Hewlett Packard Deskjet laserprinter and is rather bracing as a result. Obligatory electroclash remix duties are entrusted to the scene’s Widow Twankey, Peaches, who somehow manages to make the tune boring even while she’s squeaking, “[I]Don’t wanna be witty/ Just lick my titty[/I]”. Felix Da Housecat must’ve been doing his invoices that day.

John Mulvey