Ed Case : Good Times

...cluelessly miscalculated bid for indie cred...

A crossover record, this, in the sense that Ed Case used to make quite good records and now appears to be making slightly terrible ones. ‘Good Times’ is garage with all the best bits taken out; all the roughness, zip and dancehall manners replaced by the kind of joyless middlebrow aesthetic that fatally wounded drum’n’bass round the time of the first Roni Size album. Worse still, in a cluelessly miscalculated bid for indie cred, on top of a cartoon video like Gorillaz and that, vocals come from Skin Out Of Skunk Anansie, a singer only one step up the foodchain from Saffron Out Of Republica.

Ed Case’s forthcoming album, insane people will be excited to hear, features Saffron Out Of Republica. I am not making this up.

John Mulvey