Jean, Wyclef : Two Wrongs

Ah, you can't be cross at him for long...

You have to wonder how much faith [a]Wyclef Jean[/a] has in this dreamy reggae meander if he feels the need to appear in adverts for Virgin as rainy-day back-up. Still.

This might not be as much fun as ‘Perfect Gentleman’ – no fallen women to save this time – but with the Fugees still MIA, the worst flirt in popular music can rely on ‘Two Wrongs’ to seduce the charts like a bucket of champagne on a bearskin rug. Claudette Ortiz of City High plays the wronged woman, demanding commitment and family; [a]Wyclef Jean[/a], meanwhile, promises he’ll try and come home on time – which is presumably sometime in November – and [I] “make love all night”[/I]. Ah, you can’t be cross at him for long.

Victoria Segal