Space Cowboys : I Would Die 4 U

Spring has now left the building...

The Space Cowboy

I Would Die 4 U (Southern Fried)

In case you were wondering, that peculiar noise you’ve been hearing every time you’ve opened the window over the past month has been the distant honk of the tune siren heralding, as it does this time every year, the arrival of the first house colossus of the summer. In 2002 the honour falls with The Space Cowboy and this Prince-whipping banger, gushing along with the melancholic chime of [a][/a]’ ‘Another Chance’ and some mighty, heartstopping hangy bits. It falls about twelve centimetres (coincidentally, Prince’s actual height) short of being absolute genius, but ‘I Would Die 4 U’ is the best excuse to turn purple since ecstasy, and it’s got a bloody fat arse. Spring has now left the building.

Peter Robinson