Minuteman : Big Boy

Wordy and complex but never less than tuneful...

This surging slice of what used to be called indie will be soundtracking the next series of Teachers. It’ll accompany some bleak-but-hilarious scene where the gormless PE guy’ll be running late for class and changing his top en route, only to crash into a mildly disabled student coming round the corner.

Wordy and complex but never less than tuneful, this is by far the best of [a]Minuteman[/a]’s so-so singles thus far. Matt Jones’ command of melody is growing, and his band crash through this song’s range of moods with skill and urgency. There’s nothing particularly rumpled or underground about [a]Minuteman[/a], but someone who used to be in Ultrasound deserves success, and ‘Big Boy’s got some cheery, persuasive “ooh la-la-la”s to sing along to. Well [I]done [a]Minuteman[/a].

Kitty Empire