Keys, Alicia : How Come You Don’t Call Me?

...another awesome outing...

Legend has it that Prince (remember him?) requested a private performance at his Minneapolis mansion when he came across, sorry, discovered, Grammy-grabbing nu soul sensation [a][/a]. It must’ve been quite a party, as the Small One subsequently gave his seal of approval to Keys’ cover of ‘How Come You Don’t Call Me’. Laced with la Keys’ usual athletic ululations and her most poignant whispers, it’s another awesome outing for the most talented singer-songwriter American soul has recently produced. Even if, er, this track is actually by somebody else. And the fruity Neptunes mix the tune comes backed with – all handclaps, big brass and vintage rump-shaking – is even better. Must’ve been the best ‘performance’ at His Symbolness’ Purple Palace since Sheena Easton.

Kitty Empire