Supergrass : Never Done Nothing Like That Before

Track it down while you can

Back in the heady Britpop summer of 1995, Supergrass were the sweetest trio in the land: young, dumb and full of fun (and cum), before it all went a bit surly on the second album. Seven years later, they’re back – and they’ve gone No Name!

The limited edition ‘Never Done Nothing Like That Before’ is 90 seconds of shoutiness, preceded by a baffling piss-about in which someone seems to get shot. Sounding impressively timely in these days of [a][/a], it’s a totally invigorating return to top form and as English as tea and speed. Supergrass [I]have[/I] done the odd thing like this before, but never quite as well. Track it down while you can.

Alex Needham