The Rapture : Olio

Exciting times, eh?

After the sensational punk disco explosion of ‘House Of Jealous Lovers’, New York four-piece The Rapture take a turn for the leftfield. ‘Olio’ is a moody six minute epic in which singer Luke Jenner warbles like a man on the verge of some severe emotional crisis over the type of moody deep house which originally sent people to Ibiza in the late Eighties. Bearing almost no resemblance to the previous single, ‘Olio’ is more reminiscent of the time that ubergoths The Cure suddenly ‘got’ dance music and decided to do a remix album. Only good. Extravagant, lavish and close to incomprehensible, ‘Olio’ confirms The Rapture as the latest brilliant band with a ‘The’ in their name. Exciting times, eh?

Alex Needham