Slipknot : My Plague

Not, let’s be fair, primest ‘Knot material

As the recent Viz comic strip Slipknot And The Doorway In Time attested, Corey and the boys are ripe for a spot of mockery. Before spinning ‘My Plague’, though, Geordie cartoonists should brace themselves for some harsh words. “[I]I don’t mind being ogled, ridiculed, made to feel miniscule[/I]” growls Corey, “[I]If you consider the source, it’s kinda pitiful[/I]”.

Ouch! As ever, you can spot a Slipknot single a mile off: they’re the very average ones that feature big, echoing stadium-goth vocals, rather than the sound of a man screaming so loud that his gall bladder evacuates his body through the mouth. Not, let’s be fair, primest ‘Knot material. Oi, Clownface! More songs about serial killers and faeces, at the double!

Louis Pattison