The Beatings : Jailhouse

Hail the summer of rock ‘n’ roll!...

Part of the Bohemian East London Guitar Scene (you read it here first) and allegedly “friends with gangsters”, The Beatings dress in truckstop chic, reckon themselves better than [a]Libertines[/a] and are something of a shambles live. ‘Jailhouse’ gets it together.

Spattered in feedback and with a chorus that features the line [I]”I’ve gone to the jailhouse”[/I] approximately one million times, it’s ephedrine for the ears, a shock to the system and a galvanising jolt of that much talked about Future Rock ‘N’ Roll (or No Name, as it’s known round these parts). Apparently, 2001 was Marshall Amps’ biggest-selling year ever. Bands like The Beatings are part of the reason why. Hail the summer of rock ‘n’ roll!

Alex Needham