Hail the summer of rock ‘n’ roll!...

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The Beatings : Jailhouse


The Beatings : Jailhouse

Part of the Bohemian East London Guitar Scene (you read it here first) and allegedly “friends with gangsters”, The Beatings dress in truckstop chic, reckon themselves better than [a]Libertines[/a] and are something of a shambles live. ‘Jailhouse’ gets it together.

Spattered in feedback and with a chorus that features the line [I]”I’ve gone to the jailhouse”[/I] approximately one million times, it’s ephedrine for the ears, a shock to the system and a galvanising jolt of that much talked about Future Rock ‘N’ Roll (or No Name, as it’s known round these parts). Apparently, 2001 was Marshall Amps’ biggest-selling year ever. Bands like The Beatings are part of the reason why. Hail the summer of rock ‘n’ roll!

Alex Needham