Hawley, Richard : That’s Alright Mama

It's quite enough to give you the blueszzzzzz

A purely coincidental riposte to the commotion around the grisly ‘A Little

Less Conversation’ one hopes, this finds the talented and leather-lunged

Mr. Hawley crooning effortlessly through a ‘version’ of everyone’s favourite truck-drivers 1957 ‘smash’ ‘That’s Alright Mama’. Having successfully escaped the chain-gang of life in the Longpigs, you can only wish him well out on the open road, armed only with a denim shirt and a rusty six-string.

With such dusty authenticity still all the rage, however, you do wonder if Howlin’ Jack White hasn’t got a lot to answer for. This is a man, lest we forget, who shares a record collection with Shakin’ Stevens. It’s quite enough to give you the blueszzzzzz.

Jason Fox