Streets : Weak Become Heroes

Our Single Of The Week "has genius written all over it"...

One of the most remarkable tracks off a remarkable album, ‘Weak Become Heroes’ is Mike Skinner’s beautiful, bittersweet testament to dance culture. It’s rave Proust, no less, with a takeaway and a tune triggering a torrent of vivid flashbacks from his first E onwards. Over hushed piano loops, Skinner deploys his sibilant poetry to describe “Geezers on Es and first timers, kids on whizz and darlings on charlie…we all smile, we all sing” before the final

crunch “I realise five years went by and I’m older… the world stands still as my mind sloshes round / the washing up bowl in my crown”. It might not come labelled “hit” but it’s got genius written all over it.

Victoria Segal