Mercury Rev : Little Rhymes

...still sounds marvellous...

Times like this, [a]Mercury Rev[/a] must begin to wonder if their spiritual home isn’t a remote homestead in the Catskills, but a dingy Portakabin backstage at some festival in the Low Countries. The mountain dew and stardust-dappled mystique of the [a]Mercury Rev[/a] may have dissipated thanks to their penchant for playing every corporate fete going. But thankfully, the slog doesn’t detract too much from the excellence of their records, and the frail grandeur of ‘Little Rhymes’ still sounds marvellous, a year after it first appeared on the fractionally undervalued ‘All Is Dream’. Out on the same day as the astounding [a]Flaming Lips[/a]

album, if you fancy a double whammy of this sort of thing.

John Mulvey