Crescent : Test Of Time

Did the Seventies die for nothing? Yes.

Young men in dead farmer’s trousers, The Crescent continue to hammer on the door of insanity with their sense-shirking approximation of early-Seventies country-rock. Chest-pounding trad-folk in a get-orf-my-land stylee, ‘Test Of Time’ also features something which may or may not be a lute. Though the ending sounds like [a]Led Zeppelin[/a] during their lesser-spotted ‘crofter’ period, the rest of this thunderously average record is just mud-spattered AOR. NME confidently predicts that the accompanying video will feature bewildered cows, a scene in which the ‘lads’ sit around a pub table with guffawing, tooth-free yokels, and a shot of a hedgerow. Did the Seventies die for nothing? Yes.

Sarah Dempster