Primal Scream : Miss Lucifer

Achtung Sony!

Bobby Gillespie rides a pushbike these days but, as new Primal Scream manoeuvres begin, he still wants us to believe he travels in a Panzer Tank crewed by supermodels. ‘Miss Lucifer’ is described by the inveterate self-mythologiser as ‘electronic garage band future rock’n’roll’, ie rudimentary garage rock and scary sexy electroclash. Or a bit like Suicide, in other words. Good job it’s such an entertaining record. Like so many of the Scream‘s best songs, ‘Miss Lucifer’ shimmies haphazardly between breathtaking and breathtakingly daft. It’s about a skinny girl in [I]’leather boots'[/I] and [I]’Nazi hat'[/I]. And, importantly, it leaves you jittery, excited, laughing and ready to hear it again immediately. Achtung Sony!

John Mulvey