My Vitriol : Moodswings

...oddly melancholic sludge-core treat...

Guitars that sound like bagpipes. Drums that sound like what drums normally sound like, only bigger and angrier. All in a day’s work for the [a]My Vitriol[/a] wrecking crew; a band whose sonic sights, on the evidence of this and efforts past and future, lie in the stained-glass majesty of the experimental cathedral rather than the dilapidated barn that houses today’s ambition-shy rock fiddlers. All of which bodes well for this oddly melancholic sludge-core treat. But these are dark days for the quality tune and ‘Moodswings’ will, like every [a]My Vitriol[/a] single before it, doubtlessly plummet to the depths of the Top 100 and spend the rest of its short life having arguments about chord changes with [a]Seafood[/a]. Bummer, really.

Sarah Dempster