NERD : Rock Star

...way off the jaw-dropping future funk you might expect...

The Neptunes? Near peerless purveyor’s of super-sleek R&B. And [a][/a]? Well, the kernel of Pharrel Williams and Chad Hugo’s genius is clearly audible, but it only fleetingly solidifies into outright stunning tracks. Take ‘Rock Star’.

The basic idea ([a][/a] merge splenetic garage/ thrash rock with reedy spook-synths) is a cracker. Only problem is they’ve added about two or three other elements which don’t quite work as well. Bit of a free ‘n’ loose jazz-rock feel to the chorus? Not good. Bit of uptight distorto-rapping atop rock backing which might remind the passing listener of Rage Against The Machine? Much worse. Considerably more daring than most records on this page, but, still, a way off the jaw-dropping future funk you might expect.

Tony Naylor