New Found Glory : My Friends Over You

...jittery, whooshing, harmony-plated punka pop music...

Time was in the chunky punky world that the more gnarled your appearance, the more respect you got. The fresh-from-school [a]New Found Glory[/a], meanwhile, work the premise that the more indistinguishable you are from your audience the better, but they still know that relationships with the opposite sex aren’t all about boob jokes and a quick fumble behind the local half-pipe. So, although only slightly more complex, the first single from latest album, ‘Sticks And Stones’, is all about matey loyalty versus tricky relationship woes. While it’s true that prolonged listening might corrode your brain more surely than standing all-day by the speakers at the Vans Warped Tour, this is still jittery, whooshing, harmony-plated punka pop music. Simple as, dude.

Jim Alexander