Imbruglia, Natalie : Beauty On The Fire

Score close to being a popstar it must be excruciating...

What you really want to know about Miss Imbruglia right now isn’t what her single sounds like, it’s whether there’s any truth in the claims she’s been kissing Coldplay‘s Chris Martin in bed. Being a credible music publication we’re not interested in that. So… It’s her best since ‘Torn’. Think Madonna around the time of ‘Frozen’, but with added, ‘credible’ angry guitars and a just a twist of angst. Imbruglia is so close to being a popstar it must be excruciating, because she still can’t cut it. Maybe if Chris and Natalie are an item, they could cover ‘Especially For You’ – guaranteed rocket to the top of the charts. Right now, that’s about the only thing that’ll save her career.

Julian Marshall