Kosheen : Harder

[I]"I should have tried a bit harder"[/I]... well, yes...

Kosheen’s continued affinity with drum’n’bass remains a mystery. Their new single ‘Harder’ contains approximately eight seconds of drum’n’bass, slightly less than most Strokes songs. Instead, ‘Harder’ sounds like a flimsy balsa wood copy of [a]Massive Attack[/a]’s ‘Unfinished Sympathy’, but with singer Sian Evans reading out her old school reports. “[I]I should have tried a little bit harder[/I]” she punishes herself, “[I]Looking back I could have been smarter[/I]”. But GCSEs wouldn’t have helped ‘Harder’, a pleasantly pointless exercise in ornate dance-pop. On a drum’n’bass tip though, one positive thought for sad Sian: at least she’s not [a]Goldie[/a].

André Paine