Hayes, Gemma : Let A Good Thing Go

Smells like twentysomething spirit...

Big with aromatherapists, [a]Gemma Hayes[/a] has otherwise failed to find herself any significant audience. Her debut album ‘Night On My Side’ was indeed a dreary affair. But the main problem for the 23-year-old singer-songwriter from Tipperary is being called Gemma. Gemma is no name for a pop star. It’s not even a name for a slightly successful female singer-songwriter who appeared on CD:UK once in a very slow chart week. A rethink needed, obviously. In the meantime, maybe it’s the patchouli oil talking, but ‘Let A Good Thing Go’ is actually a good single – melodic PJ Harvey crossed with angsty rock by [a][/a]. Well, half good then.

André Paine