The Pattern : Fragile Awareness

You may find elements of this song familiar...

More Hives-approved garage rock bounty, quite probably utilising exactly the same grease’n’spittle-sodden guitar part as The Datsuns, [a]D4[/a], The Makers or any number of the pretenders to the scuzz-punk throne. The Pattern’s attractions are threefold, however: they’re lent authenticity by actually coming from America – rather than Gothenburg or Auckland – don’t all look like they work on a pig farm and like to filter some Motown-style soul-powered raunch into their two-chord rama-lama punk. There’s only one problem. In any other summer, The Pattern would’ve been hailed as the anointed saviours of rock’n’roll. As it is, we’re a bit garaged out around here. Embarrassment of riches and all that. Can you come back in 2004?

Pat Long