Coldplay : In My Place

Our Single Of The Week is a 'freshly-minted, copper-bottomed classic'...

As their golden lights fell on 100,000 believers from the main stage at Glastonbury, Coldplay became, along with Oasis and Radiohead, one of the most important bands in Britain. And here is a track befitting their place at the top table. Jonny Buckland’s simple, beautiful guitar lick swirls round Chris Martin’s rich, distinctive voice – a voice straddling self-doubt and world domination. It’s ‘Yellow’ to the power of ten and a track that makes everything on ‘Parachutes’ seem a lifetime away.

The naysayers will shout about [a][/a] and mid-period U2, but send them off with a flea in their ear. Such comparisons are empty in the face of this freshly-minted, copper-bottomed classic.

Paul McNamee