Sugababes : Round Round

Hear’say take note: surly is the new sassy...

With the blinding ‘Freak Like Me’, [a]Sugababes[/a] simultaneously resurrected a flagging career, brought the bootlegging scene overground, and provided fresh testimony to Gary Numan’s towering genius. This follow-up again draws inspiration from early-80s robo-pop, its hypnotic chorus bearing a sneaky resemblance to Dead Or Alive’s classic ‘You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)’. Elsewhere Keisha, Mutya and new kid Heidi perfect their trademark if-we-could-be-arsed drawl, which may lack the innovative sparkle of ‘Freak Like Me’, but ‘Round Round’ seems certain to propel [a]Sugababes[/a] back to the chart’s summit, and provide plenty of opportunities for them to step through their dead-eyed, disinterested routine on ‘TOTP’. [a]Hear’Say[/a] take note: surly is the new sassy.

Niall O’Keefe