Cornelius : Point of View Point

Twitchy avant-pop genius

Poor old [a]Cornelius[/a]! All those years assimiliating every single last facet of western pop culture and morphing them into a twenty-first century cornucopia of post-modern bleep-chic, and he turns up in good ol’ Blighty to find us barely able to raise a flicker of enthusiasm for anything other than what’s gonna happen to Mark Fowler and why on earth Jade didn’t win ‘Big Brother’. But then, this is a country where 200,000 people still want to see a Fatboy Slim gig and a bearded Jamie Theakston is allowed to present ‘Top Of The Pops’. Twitchy avant-pop genius as it is, ’Point Of View Point’ clearly remains a dish that, culturally speaking, remains strictly off-menu.

Jason Fox