It's comedy ska-punk with annoyingly whiny vocals. But it's NOT from America

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Spunge : Roots


Spunge : Roots

It’s comedy ska-punk with annoyingly whiny vocals. But it’s NOT from America. Apparently. No, this is our very own homegrown BRITISH comedy ska-punk. Ah, but this has a serious “message” – don’t ignore your roots. Yeah. Good advice. Really important, that, homes, Spunge’s roots are in Cheltenham. Which was the site of an Anglo-Saxon monastery as far back as 803. But Cheltenham really came to prominence in the 18th century when it became a spa town. King George (or ‘Farmer George’ as he was known) was a frequent visitor. And now, of course, Cheltenham is host to more backwards baseball cap wearing skateboarding twats than any other city in Europe. Keep it “real”, man. Yeah. Wankers.

Steven Wells