Ooberman : Beeny Bean

...it’s good to have ‘em back...

Prising open the glam-pop vault they’ve been squatting on ever since ‘Shorley Wall’ cartwheeled across the charts in 1999, Ooberman have decided, rightly, that a few weeks after the Coral album is as fine a time as any to re-launch their psychedelia-powered rocketship.

“[I]D’you ever get the feeling you’re missing out on something?[/I]” grumbles singer Dan Popplewell, in the manner of a man who really does feel he’s missing out on something. “Christ, yes,” we reply, frugging wildly to ‘Beany Bean’s magnificent impersonation of the Human League at a ska convention and wondering how we ever thought Mohobishopi could take their place. They may be as fashionable as cat-skin plus-fours but, dammit, it’s good to have ‘em back.

Sarah Dempster