POD : Boom

Time they started praying for a resurrection, perhaps

Delightfully, this record came in an envelope full of ping-pong balls, with a teasing note to say they were “something to do with the video”. Imagine our surprise when the promo to the Christian rockers’ third single turned out to feature them not in a Thai brothel, but playing a game of table tennis. Even though POD’s match did end up in a big scrap, it was something of an anti-climax. ‘Boom’ is servicable nu-metal with all the antisocial bits taken out, the musical equivalent of Kaliber alcohol-free lager. A major comedown from POD’s world-eating debut hit ‘Alive’, it suggests that, like Kaliber, they’re destined for a short shelf-life. Time they started praying for a resurrection, perhaps.

Alex Needham