Ash : Envy

Not buying our Single Of The Week will probably give you cancer...

They don’t sulk, whine, moan like beaten bitches, wear black, take smack or come from Manchester. Yet Ash rule. They are geniuses. Gods maybe. OK, that’s probably going just a little bit too far. Demi-gods, then. And, in the last few years, love-lorn Tim Wheeler and his gangly gaggle of perpetual adolescents have hit a vein of pure gold. ‘Pet Sounds’ meets the [a][/a]. Pop so pukingly pure it makes you hallucinate thousands of fluffy puppies strewing a sunlit park with miles upon mile of powder-pink toilet tissue. And this taster for their ‘Intergalactic Sonic 7″s’ greatest-hits is more of the same brilliant, bouncy, beautiful bollocks. And not buying it will probably give you cancer.

Steven Wells