Guided By Voices : Back To The Lake

CHONK-CHONK-CHONKs along pleasantly

Robert Pollard is the Terry Pratchett of indie, whacking out an amusing yet ridiculous album a fortnight for faintly retarded students in knitted scarves, but of recent years even Bonko Bob has given in to the demands of the Hit Parade. Songs over fifteen seconds long, lyrics not about alien abductions or shadowy Government agencies, [I]middle eights[/I]… Christ, he’ll be judging Obtuse Bearded Indiestars next.

This isn’t a patch on previous Proper Singles ‘Hold On Hope’ or ‘Teenage FBI’ but CHONK-CHONK-CHONKs along pleasantly like [a]Grandaddy[/a] with attention deficit disorder while imploring someone to come back to a lake as though they’re about to miss a really tasty alien abduction. Culled, presumably, from GBV’s seventeenth album this month.

Mark Beaumont