Princess Superstar : Keith’N’Me

The Princess and Kool Keith get down to some naughty business...

It’s a marriage made in a disreputable movie theatre just behind Times Square: everyone’s favourite bad babysitter, Conchetta Kirschner, aka Princess Superstar, and legendary Ultramagnetic MC Kool Keith. Between them they generate a red light district all of their very own, the kind of imaginative deviance that would leave Eminem whimpering like a choirboy. “[I]I’m kinkier than pubic hair[/I]” declares a gleeful Princess S (and what primary school playground hasn’t rocked with [I]that[/I] bombshell), launching into a litany of lust that somehow manages to include catsuits, Jon Benet Ramsey and salad bar tongs. Talk like this should earn Ms Superstar a lot more than 6 bucks an hour on the open market, that’s for sure.

Victoria Segal