White Stripes : Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground

Our Single Of The Week is 'as fine a piece of noise we've heard this year'....

Nearly a year on from their crashlanding into the spotlight here’s a timely reminder from The [a]White Stripes[/a] why everyone from the [I]NME[/I] to Richard and Judy and the Amish fell arse-about-face for them in the first place.

Backed by scabby live favourite ‘Suzy Lee’, ‘Dead Leaves…’ isn’t the most obvious choice for the final single from the ‘White Blood Cells’ LP; it’s darker than the cutesy-pie ‘Hotel Yorba’ and more sluggish than the just-add-water raucousness of ‘Fell in Love With A Girl’. But it’s as fine a piece of noise we’ve heard this year. We have no choice but to salute it’s might and majesty.

Imran Ahmed