Underworld : Two Days Off

In a field where weak become heroes, Underworld remain pre-eminent

The shortest possible distance between lagers and lasers, here’s [a]Underworld[/a], now officially Emerson-free, at their sleek and seedy best, and suddenly those superclub closures look a little premature. Driven by the sort of relentless dancefloor-crushing riff they spent the whole of ‘Beaucoup Fish’ scrabbling around looking for, ‘Two Months Off’ finds the masters of moodswing house back to their jaw-aching, pulverising best. “[I]You bring light in![/I]” croons Karl, pilled to the gills, and you’d hope, dancing around the studio like he’s just put his fingers in the light socket, as a dense rush of sound swoops above and below him.

In a field where the weak become heroes, [a]Underworld[/a] remain pre-eminent.

Jason Fox