Death In Vegas : Hands Around My Throat

Welcome to the dark side with our single of the week...

Whatever the reservations about [a]Death In Vegas[/a]’ new album ‘Scorpio Rising’, it would be foolish to query the serene, satanic majesty of ‘Hands Around My Throat’, the stand-out track on that record.

This is Richard Fearless and Tim Holmes’ collaboration with vocalist Nicola Kuperus of peerless Detroit electro duo [a]Adult.[/a]. She’s the Cruella Deville of electroclash and lends the single’s mescalin-curdled flange and spiky motorik groove a suitably paranoid and claustrophobic tint, singing listlessly about designer asphyxiation: [I]”Your hands around my throat/Ask me to let go”[/I]. Further, finer variations of this auto-erotic narcotic [I]noir[/I] classic are provided by [a]Adult.[/a] themselves, and Percy X. The video features a French chick twitching in a chair. Welcome to the dark side.

Piers Martin