Weezer : Keep Fishin’

...a power-pop stomp with shrieky off-kilter harmonies...

From white-bread American geek idol to creepy-bearded internet chatroom weirdo, the peculiar metamorphosis of Rivers Cuomo has been a pretty unsettling affair. Seeing this, the nice folk at Geffen have put Damage Limitation Exercise Mk.1 in action: in an effort to make Rivers look halfway normal, they’ve put him in a video with The Muppets.

Although ‘Keep Fishin’’ falls somewhat short of the best case scenario – no audible Miss Piggy backing vocals, no winsome, Cuomo-sung ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green’ on the B-side – it still fizzles with energy: a power-pop stomp with shrieky off-kilter harmonies, lovably gauche high-school heartbreak lyrics, and guitars so crunchy you could vacuum-pack them and put them in a kid’s lunchbox.

Louis Pattison