Hundred Reasons : Falter

...lashings of respect...

Number 87 in the Reasons’ hundred-point plan to bring emo to the masses (following No: 56’s “sound a bit like [a]Fugazi[/a]” and 74’s “flaunt thy afro”) sees the “boys” grapple with the hitherto rock-unfriendly Epic Ballad. Tunes may still be an alien concept to these enormo-throated yelpers, but, evidently, even their more sensitive moments contain enough gum-shredding shrieks and arse-battering guitars to blow up a whole trailer park of nu-metal fuckwads. Interestingly, ‘Falter’ also appears to contain the line “[I]caress my acorn[/I]” which is either a) a Titchmarsh-esque plea for horticultural compassion or b) a startlingly honest admission of Colin Doran’s non-use in the shorts department. Either way, lashings of respect.

Sarah Dempster