No Doubt : Underneath It All

...harks back to No Doubt’s original obsession with Caribbean ska and reggae...

It was a soppy song, ‘Don’t Speak’, that first made [a]No Doubt[/a]’s name all those years ago. Now, of course, we know them as a perky, genre-hopping pop unit, all up-beats and primary colours, fronted by a real life Powerpuff Girl. But, “[I]underneath it all[/I]”, Gwen’s got a heart of candyfloss, and here it is, spinning out all over this single.

‘Underneath It All’’s lilting Jamaican feel harks back to[a]No Doubt[/a]’s original obsession with Caribbean ska and reggae, and boasts an intervention by Lady Saw that does an excellent job of sexing up all the sugar. “[I]You’re really lovely/Underneath it all[/I],” moons Gwen. “[I]Aside from your temper/Everything is secure[/I],” warns Lady Saw. Hope Gavin’s taking notes.

Kitty Empire