Moco : Where She Goes

More, please

Like [a]Hives[/a], they’ve christened themselves with rock’n’roll nicknames: that’s Steve ‘Mobile’ Jones having Tourettes episodes up front, Anthony ‘The Worm’ Rigby on guitar, Nick ‘The Rock’ Higham on bass and Simon ‘Monkeyboy’ Misra pounding skins.

‘Where She Goes’ is a shameless re-enactment off all [a]Velvet Underground[/a]’s best moments, played very loud, and all at once; ‘Dirty Love’ finds Jones doing his best Iggy slur over an aggressive, ragged punk racket; and ‘The New Official Truth’ is the sound of The Strokes, caught half-way through ‘An American Werewolf in London’-style transformation into The Parkinsons. It’s all utterly fantastic and produced, rather oddly, by The Charlatans keyboardist Tony Rogers. More, please.

April Long