The Strokes : Someday

Er, is this it, then?

Er, is this it, then? Perhaps not the single that right-thinking people would have wanted from The Strokes at this stage, being a bit of a Keith Richards – undoubtedly pretty cool, but a bit long in the tooth too. Still, not to worry.

‘Someday’ remains as good a record as it was eighteen months ago, a distant cousin of ‘It’s Not Unusual’ by [a]Tom Jones[/a], were [a]Tom Jones[/a] a young and cosmopolitan New Yorker rather than a weird old goat with a face like an armchair in a private drinking club. Demos of ‘Alone Together’ and ‘Is This It?’ are your B-sides, and though they’re the sort of things usually earmarked ‘For obsessives only’, with The Strokes that’s nearly everybody.

John Robinson