Electric Soft Parade : Silent To The Dark

Teenage brothers make Teenage Fanclub by way of Sparklehorse gem...

Young people: so confoundedly unpredictable these days. While all around them rages a terribly ‘now’ 24-7 orgy of hard sex, soft drugs and silicone-enhanced pop, The Soft Parade – aka 18-year-old Alex White and 16-year-old brother Tom – have spent hours cloistered away, constructing one of 2001’s most appealing debuts out of stunningly passé fossils like guitars and melodies and analogue whirrs.

So ‘Silent To The Dark’ starts and ends like Sparklehorse. In between lurks a song that would have done Oasis proud, if Teenage Fanclub hadn’t snaffled it first. It’s really good.

They’re doing it all wrong, you know, all wrong.

Kitty Empire