Delgados : Coming In From the Cold

More jangling insanity....

More jangling insanity from the twisted minds of the [a]Delgados[/a], a band who may as well have the words ‘Mercury Prize nominees’ tacked to the front of their name and have done with it. Here the warped adult fairy tale mood of ‘The Great Eastern’ is replicated to suitably morose effect. “[I]We’re gonna drink until the summer’s past[/I]” sings Emma Pollock in a manner that even a [a]Cooper Temple Clause[/a] roadie would find charming. No one else does gloom with such stoicism.

Without the [a]Delgados[/a] rainy Sundays in November when the electricity is about to give out and there’s no hot water to have a bath simply wouldn’t have the requisite soundtrack. Brr-rr.

Jason Fox