Foo Fighters : All My Life

Marvellous stuff

After a few months on the skive with [a]Queens Of The Stone Age[/a], it’s about time Dave Grohl finally buckled down to work on his own career again. Rumours that he was bored of the Foo Fighters always sounded pretty implausible. Nevertheless, hanging out with those rough Queens boys seems to have done the eerily nice Grohl some good, since ‘All My Life’ – their opener at Reading, if memory serves – is substantially nastier and chunkier than most Foos gear. There are still plenty of massive hooks, of course, all of which build up to a giddy singalong chorus that proves, yet again, Grohl can effortlessly piss out great records of his own, even between drumming sessions. Marvellous stuff.

John Mulvey