Red Hot Chili Peppers : Zephyr Song

Our conclusion? Cobblers. But very pretty cobblers

Who’d have thought giving up drugs could be so good for you? The Chilis have emerged as a bit of a rock anomaly, becoming immeasurably better since they abandoned [I]bad things[/I] and funk-rock in favour of meditation, trekking holidays and slushy West Coast harmonising. The second single from their excellent ‘By The Way’ album is wholesomely satisfying, with Anthony Kiedis rambling on about kite-flying, fortune tellers and biting girls’ legs. A lot of talk about flying away and not coming down, too, which in more predictable times we’d write off as mere junkie babble. Now, of course, we have to think harder to decipher what he’s on about. Our conclusion? Cobblers. But very pretty cobblers.

John Mulvey