Badly Drawn Boy : You Were Right

Patron Saint of the Cable-Knit Cliche

The first single from forthcoming album ‘Have You Fed The Fish?’, ‘You Were Always Right’ sees Damon Gough nestle into his new role as Patron Saint of the Cable-Knit Cliche. Accordingly, this is Hugh Grant in song form. It bumbles. It fusses. It splutters something about “[I]the colours of the rainbow[/I]” while a steady stream of sap trickles down its leg. It sounds like Babybird. Even a bit in which Gough has a saucy dream about Madonna ends in schmaltz. “[I]I had to turn her down[/I]” he warbles in the manner of a man who has won too many awards, “[I]cos I was still in love with you[/I]”. The mainstream, we conclude, has sucked Damon Gough dry.

Sarah Dempster