Manic Street Preachers : There By The Grace Of God

And by the grace of God, it'll subsequently disappear...

…goes, um, [a]Depeche Mode[/a] actually. In the ever-twisting tale of the [a]Manic Street Preachers[/a]’ career – brilliant, scary, tragic, boring, brilliant again – the last thing you’d ever expect of them was to become [I]unpredictable[/I]. ‘…Grace Of God’ is basically ‘Enjoy The Silence’ with the tune hacked off, but as a half-arsed filler whacked off to flog a greatest hits it reveals not the irrelevant spent force of ‘…Tolerate This’ but rejuvenated musical magpies willing to challenge themselves and their audience again. So it’s icy disco beats and chiming spider-hair guitars in a black and white Mojave Desert and suddenly it’s like Dave Gahan never pissed himself in leather trousers. Next week, Matthew, the [a]Manic Street Preachers[/a] are Bananarama.

Mark Beaumont